Bartow County Masonic Lodges Join Christmas Parade

Tonight, many residents of the City of Cartersville enjoyed the town’s annual Christmas parade. A long line of carefully decorated floats proceeded down Main Street in front of throngs of smiling children. Parade participants handed out candy and exchanged waves with onlookers. Bartow News 1 live streamed the events with Mayor Matt Santini and Pastor Don Startup providing commentary. The two commentators identified the various business, churches, and civic organizations who participated in the parade. Within the crowd of Christmas paraders, many of whom came out to proclaim and celebrate the birth of the Christ, there was a sinister presence. In the middle of the parade was a float sponsored by the Masonic lodges of Bartow County.

For those of you who are unaware, Freemasonry is much more than a brotherhood or charitable civic organization. It is an occult religion which tragically includes members of many of Bartow County’s Baptist churches. Their Christmas parade float serves as a reminder that, even among a celebration of Christ’s birth, there can be revelers who are part of an organization that promotes a false gospel and participates in various unbiblical and wicked rituals.

lodge 2

False religions put children at risk. There is nothing innocent about Freemasonry.

The kids at the parade should serve as a stark reminder to Bartow County’s Christians that we cannot be lukewarm or permissive when it comes to living out or Christian faith. The next generation of Freemasons may come from the young people of our town. How tragic would it be for one more young person to be ensnared in the false religion of Freemasonry? If you have Freemasons in your church, don’t let another day go by without asking them to repent of the sin of Freemasonry and excising from membership those idolatrous Masons who continue to repentantly hold their lodge equal to the Church of Jesus Christ.

For more information on Freemasonry, contact me or click this link.

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