Thrown out of Bartow County Masonic Association 5K

This morning, I showed up at the Cartersville Soccer Complex with a Bible, tracts, and a cooler full of Gatorade. The complex was the starting point of the Bartow County Masonic Association 5K.

To my knowledge the soccer complex (as well as the adjacent Sam Smith Park) is public property. I set up in a parking space planning to hand out Gatorade and tracts to the 5K participants and also take the opportunity to evangelize the Freemasons present. It didn’t take me long to find Cartersville Lodge #63 Senior Warden and member of Rowland Springs Baptist Church, Frankie James.


James is not only a Mason but a member of Rowland Springs Baptist Church, where he volunteers on the security team. Rowland Springs is a known haven of Freemasonry.

I exhorted Frankie, once again, to turn to Christ and forsake the Lodge. His response, “Mind your business.” This was the exact same response I received from his fellow lodge officer and fellow church member Freddie Gunn Jr., when I offered to discuss the religion of Freemasonry with him one day after Sunday services at Rowland Springs Baptist Church.  I wasn’t long at the soccer complex before I came face-to-face Bartow County Law Enforcement officer and Freemason Phil Fraiser.  Fraiser flashed his badge and informed me that his group had rented the soccer complex for the morning. He was accompanied by a district Masonic official. Fraiser was very polite but clear that I was not welcome in the soccer complex parking lot.  Having earlier been threatened with being arrested for “harassment” by Bartow County Law Enforcement Officer and Cartersville Lodge #63 Worshipful Master Mark Mayton (this threat is according to my former Pastor Joe Ringwalt), I thought it best to have my phone standing by on record.  Again, Fraiser was very polite and he even helped me get my troublesome picnic table packed up.

After I was dispatched by Fraiser, I moved to the parking lot of Sam Smith Park.  There was not as much opportunity to converse with runners but two Freemasons did show up to hand out water near where I was set up.  One of the Masons, from the Taylorsville Masonic Lodge, informed me that there were 4,000 Masons in the state of Georgia and that 90% of them were Christians.  He claimed to be a Baptist, the son of a deacon.  I exhorted him to obey Christ and leave the lodge but he was not open to my suggestion.  He seemed incredulous at the idea that Jews (who were not Christian Jews), Jehovah’s Witnesses, and Roman Catholics would go to Hell.  This man, a Baptist, clearly had universalist sympathies.  After a short while a City of Cartersville police cruiser stopped by the parking lot, the officer driving briefly spoke to the Masons, and left.

As the race ended I was presented with another chance to call Frankie James to repentance.  He was a fellow-church member with me at Rowland Springs Baptist Church before I was removed from that body for standing against the cult of Freemasonry.  Like his Worshipful Mater Mark Mayton, James threatened me with charges of harassment if ever mentioned his name again.  Having been advised by legal counsel that my actions did not constitute harassment under the Georgia Code, I continue the mission of shedding light on the demonic cult of Freemasonry, which not only pervades the county’s Baptist churches but its law enforcement agency as well.  May calling men to Christ never be considered harassment!  The Masonic Lodge officers of Cartersville have been more than willing to list their names, email addresses, and pictures on their own website.  Somehow, they only seem embarrassed at these items when their church affiliation is brought up in connection with their membership in the Masonic Lodge.  Their churches, by abiding their Freemasonry, are failing them.

What harmony is there between Christ and Belial?

The purpose of the 5K was to raise money for the Backpack buddies program.  One is left to wonder why these Masons, many of whom are supposedly Chrisitans, couldn’t done their chairty work with their church while proclaiming the gospel.  Today, by casting a preacher of the gospel from among thier prescence, they proved that they hold the Lodge in higher esteem than Christ’s church.

*Please note that the preceding is my personal opinion. It is not necessarily the opinion of any entity by which I am employed, any church at which I am a member, any church which I attend, or the educational institution at which I am enrolled. Any copyrighted material displayed or referenced is done under the doctrine of fair use.

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