Rowland Springs: Pastor Joe and the Masonic Chaplain

“Jim Moore is an insecure man,” Pastor Joe Ringwalt said to me, referring to a fellow member of Rowland Springs Baptist Church. “He used to teach Sunday School for me.” Our lunch at the Calhoun, Georgia Chick-fil-A had become very uncomfortable. I had just informed Pastor Ringwalt that our church, Rowland Springs Baptist Church was overrun with Freemasons. Included in this number was the Chaplain of Cartersville Lodge #63, Jim Moore. “If I go against Freemasonry,” Joe remarked, “I’ll get fired.”

It was then an there that I knew I would be unable to count on Pastor Joe to stand against the demonic cult of Freemasonry that pervaded Rowland Springs Baptist Church. While Joe was unwilling to obey the will of God and call these sinners to repent, I did not have the inclination to serve money before the Lord. I would have to proceed without support from my pastor.

Jim Moore was one the first people I ever met at Rowland Springs. He would always come and say hello to my wife and me before church services would begin. Jim was comfortable working a room. He usually had a smile on his face and a piece of Candy in his pocket for a child. I could tell, however, that something about him was off. He was a Freemason. I discovered this fact while perusing the Cartersville Lodge #63 website. Jim had been a Mason for over 50 years.

When I finally approached him about his involvment in the sinful cult of Freemasonry his friendliness turned to aloofness. He became cold and reserved towards me and my wife, perhaps embarrased that I had discovered his idolatry. After apporaching Jim and the other Freemasons at Rowland Springs and calling upon them to repent of their sin and forsake the Lodge, Joe Ringwalt and the deacons of Rowland Springs removed me from my role as Sunday School teacher.

As the months went by the Masons continued to serve both the Lodge and the church. Joe Ringwalt continued to collect the paycheck of a hireling. One Sunday, Jim Moore had the audacity to wear a pagan Masonic ballcap in the church building. I alone had the audacity to rebuke him for his display of paganism in the Lord’s house. Jim responded to me with mockery. This caused no small stir.

On Easter Sunday of 2018, I was sitting in the lobby of Rowland Springs Baptist church. Jim Moore and his wife Betty walked by me. Jim Locked eyes with me and spat, a sign of his disdain. The evil in his heart, unchecked by pastoral care, had bubbled to the surface.

Joe Ringwalt addressed the issue with me over a phonecall. “Jim Moore isn’t the man everybody thinks he is,” Joe said. Yet Joe remained steadfast in his refusal to address Freemasonry in the church. I remained steadfast in my refusal to let this grave matter of sin and unholiness go unchecked. Joe Ringwalt, the hireling, had me excommunicated from Rowland Springs Baptist Church. Jim Moore remains a member.

At Rowland Springs, rightousness surely takes a backseat to gossiping, backbiting, and the demonic cult that is the Masonic lodge. The pastor has proven that he will speak ill of his church members behind their back while refusing to address their dire sin to their faces. I urge all Bartow County Christians to mark Rowland Springs Baptist Church and purge their own churches of the cult of Freemasonry.

*Please note that the preceding is my personal opinion. It is not necessarily the opinion of any entity by which I am employed, any church at which I am a member, any church which I attend, or the educational institution at which I am enrolled. Any copyrighted material displayed or referenced is done under the doctrine of fair use.

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