Christian Values and the Bartow County School Board Election – Freemasons Among Us

“Give me one hundred preachers who fear nothing but sin, and desire nothing but God, and I care not a straw whether they be clergymen or laymen; such alone will shake the gates of hell and set up the kingdom of heaven on Earth.” John Wesley

Tony Ross is running for Bartow County School Board. Tony Ross is a Freemason. He is a lodge officer. Freemasonry is a cult. Tony Ross’s campaign website reports that he is a member of Cartersville First Baptist Church.

tony fbc

Ross’s campaign page shows a pic taken at the FBC Fireworks show.

From a Christian worldview standpoint, this is a serious problem for First Baptist Church and Christian values voters of Bartow County. Freemasonry stands opposed to a Christian worldview. If what I’ve written here seems familiar, it’s because I’ve basically already written this article. In July of 2016, I published a piece entitled “Christian Values and The Bartow County Magistrate Election – Freemasons Among Us”. In that article I called attention to the fact that another Baptist, Master Mason Bobby Wilson, was running for public office in Bartow County. On his campaign website, Mr. Wilson proudly advertised that he was both a Master Mason and the head usher of Morning View Baptist Church. Mr. Wilson, who had already run a failed campaign for County Tax Commissioner, was running for Magistrate Judge against eventual victor Brandon Bryson and two other Freemasons, both of whom are members of Southern Baptist Churches. One of those Masons was Tony Ross, who is now running for School Board.

According to the Bartow Baptist Association, 80% of Bartow County is unchurched. Last Sunday David Franklin, who is the associational missionary for Bartow County, visited my church. My pastor pointed him out during a sermon from Hebrews 10 about the importance of church attendance and made mention of the statistic that his association has provided – vast amounts of Bartow County are unchruched. This is problematic but the greater tragedy is that Bartow Baptists have failed to win their own pews for Christ. We have numerous cult members sitting in our pews and running for office while proudly advertising that they are both members of Baptist Churches and the Masonic Lodge. How do we expect to win the world for Christ when we accept the world, cult members from the world, as respected members of our churches?

Tony Lodge

Ross in his Lodge Officer attire.

The devil must be laughing at us.

The last time I visited the Bartow Baptist Association, the “7 Cultural Mountains” were posted on the wall. Many evangelicals believe that by influencing or dominating these “cultural mountains”, that Christians can win society and the world for Christ. Personally, I am wary of pushing these “mountains” because I associate them with dominionism and the New Apostolic Reformation. Nevertheless, a concerted effort has been made by Bartow’s Baptist leaders to pray about these mountains. Winning these mountains is what Bartow County pastors pray for and lead their churches to pray for. They are as follows:

Arts & Entertainment

For our County School Board election, a Southern Baptist candidate who is in a cult has put himself forth.

Religion – Fail.
Education – Fail
Government – Fail. (Tony Ross already works for the government)

Bartow County Baptist leadership stands feebly at the bottom of the 7 Mountains giving them lip service while cult members climb to the top, all the while syncretistically worshiping in Bartow Baptist pews as members in good standing of both Christ’s church and the pagan Masonic Lodge. Again, the devil must be laughing. Southern Baptists in Bartow County want to win the unchurched? They have cult members in the pew and they vote for them.

Tony Ross’s campaign website is replete with commendations of his high moral character:

I’ve spoken with Tony Ross. I’ve shook his hand. Tony Ross seems like an interesting man. Tony Ross seems like a nice man. By the world’s standard, Tony Ross is a morally upstanding man. By Masonic standards, he certainly is. Tony Ross is not a morally upright man, by biblical standards. He engages in the false, cultic worship of the Masonic Lodge. First Baptist Church tolerates that. No church should.

I wonder if they’ve ever read the story of Akin from the book of Joshua?

Church members, souls are at stake. Tony Ross’s soul is at stake. Heed the words quoted above from John Wesley. Don’t wait on your pastor to act. He may not. Thus far, many of them haven’t. You can start taking every inch of Bartow County for Christ by retaking every inch of your church. Expel cult members from among us. Understand this isn’t is an issue because a cult member or lost person is running for political office. It’s an issue because he claims to be a Chrisitan and is a member of a Baptist Church.

For more information on Freemasonry, you may read my articles on the subject or watch this video:

*Please note that the preceding is my personal opinion. It is not necessarily the opinion of any entity by which I am employed, any church at which I am a member, any church which I attend, or the educational institution at which I am enrolled. Any copyrighted material displayed or referenced is done under the doctrine of fair use.

**I know from personal experience that First Baptist Church is full of kind and generous people. They have a passionate pastor for a preacher and provide a loving and caring environment for children. I encourage people who are taken aback at this article or who need direction to reach out to me directly.


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