Nabeel Qureshi Placed in Palliative Care

Unfortunately, Christian apologist Nabeel Qureshi appears to have lost his battle with Stage IV Stomach Cancer. According to his latest vlog, Qureshi has been placed in palliative care, which is a form of medicine designed to reduce the pain of the terminally ill. Physicians have given up on treating him for cancer. Qureshi, aged 34, reports that doctors believe his body is in the “final stages of life”. This news comes roughly one year after Qureshi posted his first vlog, in which he informed viewers of his initial diagnosis. In that vlog, Qureshi, himself a graduate of medical school, informed viewers that his prognosis of living more than five years was 4%. Qureshi stated simply, “I need a miracle”. He has not received one.

It was not for lack of effort. In November, Qureshi sought “healing prayer” at Bill Johnson’s Bethel Redding Church in California. Bill Johnson is one of the most prominent figures of the New Apostolic Reformation movement. Bethel Redding advertises its “healing rooms” on its website. Christian polemicist Gabe Hughes has labeled Bill Johnson a “lying, manipulative, charlatan” who leads an organization that manufactures fake glory clouds and other “divine” manifestations with fog machines, angel feathers, and gold dust. Hughes rightly classifies Bill Johnson as a false teacher with whom Christians should have nothing to do. Thus it was surprising that one of Christendom’s most notable apologists would seek healing at his church. Nabeel Qureshi is not only a graduate of medical school but holds graduate degrees in Apologetics and Religion from BIOLA and Duke Universities, respectively. Some Christians were left scratching their heads when they heard that such an educated theologian and respected apologist was putting his hope for a miracle in the prayers of Bethel Church Redding. When asked about his plans to visit Bethel Redding, Qureshi, who has been vocal about his own ecumenism, stated that he could find no heretical doctrine in his research of Johnson and Bethel Redding. Qureshi’s trip to Redding clearly didn’t improve his health. In fact, his health progressively got worse.

The tragic story of Nabeel Qureshi should shine a spot light on Bill Johnson, Bethel Redding, and the greater apostolic-pentecostal movement. Whether they are demon-possessed, charlatans, or both Johnson and his ilk take advantage of vulnerable people, often when they are at their most vulnerable. Christians would do well to take Gabe Hughes’ advice to have nothing to do with them and follow his lead in exposing them for what they are. As for Qureshi, hopefully he will be remembered for what may be his final vlog prayer.

“Father we come before you, trusting you even now for a miracle…God is more than able…Lord we know you are able, please heal, please come through….but if it should be your sovereign will at the end of the day (not to heal), then I trust you, and I love you anyway.

God deserves to be loved for who He is. This prayer, from a death bed, demonstrates knowledge of the fact. Qureshi, who in his last days has faced both the disastrous Houston flood and the failing of his cancer-stricken body, prays dutifully to God. In his prayer, Qureshi recognizes that God has the power to raise the dead. The Christian dead raised by God will not have bodies susceptible to the debilitating effects of cancer or any other earthly illness. On the day of judgment, God will remember believers for their faith and charlatans like Johnson for their wicked works and false teaching.

Quite frankly, Qureshi’s arduous battle with cancer has been hard to watch. Over a series of 42 vlogs (the last of which is heart-wrenching), I have watched Qureshi deteriorate from a vibrant, healthy man in his prime to a patient barely clinging to life in a hospital bed at the MD Anderson Cancer Center. Watching Qureshi is not merely an academic exercise in discernment, it is a witness of the hardships of this fallen world. Qureshi is a son, brother, husband, and father. Even after his battle with cancer is over, many prayers will still be needed for the loved ones he leaves behind.

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1 thought on “Nabeel Qureshi Placed in Palliative Care

  1. lnhereford

    This is a difficult subject, especially when seen through the humanity of a cancer stricken brother. You handled it with love, yet truth. I came out of the Word of Faith movement, which I was apart of for over a decade before being saved. I’ve seen sick friends and family refuse medicine and grow sicker because a ‘prophet’ had declared them healed. Thank you for pin pointing Bill Johnson and Bethel, they need to be exposed. God bless you, brother.


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