Going Beyond Scripture: Why It’s Time to Say Good-Bye to Priscilla Shirer and Going Beyond Ministries

Here’s the thing…

You may not agree with all of these points, but there is enough here to indicate that you should be very wary of getting involved with Priscilla Shirer studies.

You may have loved her in War Room and want to buy her books. Let me tell you something, if your church recommended War Room, you can almost be certain that its leadership knew next to nothing about Shirer. Pastors don’t read LifeWay studies or pay attention to the false teaching crowd, for the most part. They are busy caring for their churches.

Unfortunately, they depend on LifeWay to deliver sound material. It often times fails.

You should bring these points about Shirer up to your pastor if her studies are being pushed in your church.

Michelle Lesley

Priscilla ShirerPriscilla Shirer is a wife and mom of three boys hailing from the Dallas area. Though you may be newly acquainted with her from her role as Elizabeth Jordan in the recently released Christian movie War Roomshe has been writing women’s Bible studies and has been a popular speaker at women’s conferences and other events for many years. Together with her husband, Jerry, she heads up Going Beyond Ministries.

When I participated in Priscilla’s DVD study He Speaks to Me several years ago, I found her to be an engaging writer, a witty storyteller, and charismatic speaker. Priscilla’s friendliness and genuine care for Christian women seem to shine through every word she speaks and writes. And to top that all off, she’s beautiful and sharp as a tack. It’s very easy to think of Priscilla and think, “What’s not to love?”

Which is why it grieves me to have to…

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1 thought on “Going Beyond Scripture: Why It’s Time to Say Good-Bye to Priscilla Shirer and Going Beyond Ministries

  1. Lorraine Wade

    Thank you so much for this article. it was very insightful and helpful. I saw her on utube didn’t what her belief was so thank you again.


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