Islam Comes to the Cartersville School System

“Train up a child in the way he should go,
Even when he is old he will not depart from it.”
Proverbs 22:6

It has come to my attention that a representative from the Atlanta Islamic Center is scheduled to speak at Cartersville Middle School this week.  I’m not exactly clear on the purpose of his visit, but I gather that he was invited as part of an educational initiative to teach students about different world religions.  There are a lot of local residents, I understand, who are not very happy about this Muslim leader’s coming.  Should they be upset with our school board?


This Islamic man isn’t coming to indoctrinate our children nor is he coming to lop off our heads.  This man is coming to give a lecture on his religion.   This man is coming to educate.  I, for one, am glad he is coming.  He’ll be speaking about an important topic.

I learned about Islam in my 7th grade social studies class. My social studies teacher taught a unit on Islam every year.  She taught her students what the five pillars of Islam are, presented a short biography of Muhammad, and presented a history of his religion.  We learned that he was a strict monotheist and that he expanded his influence by the threat of violence.  We learned that there were millions and millions of Muslims out in the world and that Islam was an Abrahamic offshoot.  Because my teacher also taught about the United States and our country’s history, we learned that an Islamic worldview and an American worldview conflicted.

One year, a disgruntled parent came to my school and complained that my teacher was “teaching kids how to be Muslims.”  The principal laughed off this accusation.  He knew the teacher to be a Christian woman.  So did I.  That teacher was my own mother, a devout Christian who has never been shy about sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ.

I am a better citizen of the world and a better apologist for Christ because I learned what Islam was at a young age.  I’m glad to have learned about this influential world religion in school.  My mom did her job as a social studies teacher and taught me and the rest of her students about the world.  She also did her job as a parent and taught me about Jesus.

If you’ve taught your children about Jesus, you don’t have to worry about Islamic leaders coming to Cartersville Middle School.  You can look forward to you children witnessing to that lost Muslim leader.  The fact is that Islam already has a presence in Cartersville.  There is an Islamic center near Wal-mart (You may have read in the newspaper about it being vandalized). Several Islamic families live here.  I imagine many of them came to this country for freedom and opportunity.

Don’t be like that ignorant man who complained about my mother.  I hope the citizens of this town won’t act like Islamic extremists and seek to suppress the voice of those of different religions in the public square.  Our government has done the Christians of this town a favor.  It is bringing in a lost person, a leader from the Islamic community that our children can interact with and to whom they can witness.

Parents, admonish them to do so.  Don’t admonish the school board for trying to educate your kids.  Let’s all pray for Jesus to be glorified and shared at Cartersville Middle School tomorrow.

*Please note that the preceding is my personal opinion. It is not necessarily the opinion of any entity by which I am employed, any church at which I am a member, any church which I attend, or the educational institution at which I am enrolled. Any copyrighted material displayed or referenced is done under the doctrine of fair use.

4 thoughts on “Islam Comes to the Cartersville School System

  1. A Woman Very Afraid

    What she did not teach you was the Surah 9 which abrogated/canceled out all the peaceful parts of the Koran. This was Mo’s last say and the reason ISIS is doing the beheadings, rapes etch because it is Mo’s directive. Mo badly wanted to get rid of the Jews in Medina, and he did. Plus the self proclaimed perfect man married a 6 year old and had sex with her at 9, not to mention his other wives. It’s perverted. Google Surah 9, it is barbaric.

    1. sethdunn88 Post author

      Did you closley read what I said? My teacher (mother) clearly taught that Islam was spread by the sword.

      I’m glad that I was taught by a certified teacher with a Master’s in history.

      Why should anyone listen to you about Islam? You won’t even give your name. If what you say is innacurate, no one can even hold you accountable.

      Do you have an actual crituqe of my outlook or do you just want to do a “drive by”…saying negative things about Islam.

      I think Islam is bad. So is Hinduism. So is Catholicsm. I also think a good social studies program teaches about major world religions.

      Are you a Christian? If so, where do you go to church? What’s your name?

      1. no2sharia4no2islime

        You are being lied to. They are taught to decieve. It is called taqiyya. They punish the female for being raped and or kill her. They kill their family members calling it honor killing do which there is no honor in killing a family member.
        Watch video called Taqiyya lying for Islam. They are a sub human cult as there are others. The female is kept from going out by herself but yet he goes out by himself. They teach the male’s they can rape and they do not teach them to control the thing between their legs. They rape females in Islam especially gang rape and they should be put to death for it. You are being lied to by foreign evil deceitful perverts who are trying to worm their way in to this country. So take your garbage lies kid and put it where the sun don’t shine. They are pedophiles, hebephiles that think like a snakes who are vindictive self centered brat males who never grew the hell up that use violence, intimidation and deciet to get what they want which is to be a domineering raping pieces of trash! Look up video called under cover mosque part 1 thru 5 and how they brainwash the females that they can not control themselves. In the united states and what use to be most of Europe in the modern age a person is punished for rape in Islam they are not and they will lie about it in order to get in to power. You just want rape of females to be legal you punk. You need to stop defending Islam because you are trying to bring in to power a sadistic violent cult.
        Under cover mosque part 1 thru 5 video you tube a Muslim woman teaches girls to kill unbelievers in mosque once the Imam says to.

  2. Dianne Cherry

    I am learning about different world religions at my church. Some are very scary.. I think that young children can be easily be influenced by some of these teachings. You just need to let them know what is right or wrong, a nd teach them that some people do things in the name of their ‘God’ and decide to do more harm than good like Isis. .


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