What Is The Movement® All About?

I’ve written about my concerns with Ronnie Cloud previously. Below, Gene Clyatt fleshes them out a little more. Remember, Jesus said, I will build my church.” Ronnie Floyd appears to be building Ronnie Floyd.

Polemics Report

[In the interest of full disclosure, I never asked Ronnie Floyd out for a cup of coffee before posting this. Deal with it.]

Dr. Ronnie Floyd-Formal-High ResI had never really known much about Ronnie Floyd prior to hearing the news that Albert Mohler was planning on nominating Floyd for the office of president of the Southern Baptist Convention at the June 2014 meeting in Baltimore, Maryland. Oh, I might have heard the name, I suppose, but, if I had, I sure don’t remember when or in what context. But, because of the respect in which I hold Dr. Mohler, I was initially favorably disposed towards Floyd.

Then I begin to hear stories about a Disneyesque childrens’ church area, complete with a firetruck baptistry, where sirens sound and confetti cannons fire off from the rafters. I began to hear that he was a shameless self-promoter, known as “Ronnie Armani.” And I began to wonder…

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