Ergun Caner’s Lies and Ungodly speech in Lecture on Islam to US Marines

A Marine’s perspective is shared in this relog.

My opinion is this: It’s not only unchristian to support Ergun Caner, Brewton-Parker College, and the Georgia Bapist Convention, its unAmerican.

Perhaps some of you apathetic pew-sitters out there who have abandoned any sense of Christian accountablity still have a shred of patriotism left. Do something. Say something.

How many of you have both and American Flag and a Christian Flag in your sanctuary? Supporting Brewton-Parker dishoners them both.

The Domain for Truth


I love apologetics.  But I love that we defend the truth gracefully, respectfully, truthfully and Biblically.

I think coarse speech, vulgarity and inaccuracies in one’s apologetics does not glorify God.  Being a celebrity in Pop apologetics circle does not mean one gets a free pass with God.

It is with a heavy heart I blog about Ergun Caner, who at one time work at Liberty University and now president of Brewton-Parker College.  The blogger TurretinFan has done us an excellent job documenting his constant exaggeration of his past, lies and misrepresentation against Islam and other Christians if you click here.

I understand Christian can sin; but a true Christian’s response to sin is to repent.  A mark of repentance is confession of sins and not defense of lies or engage in a cover-up.  A spirit of repentance means one is humbled rather than going after people exposing your sins.

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